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AbbPast was formed in 2010 by the residents of Abbotskerswell to foster both the study of the village's history and also a wider interest in History. 

We hold a meeting once a month, which is held on the second Monday, in Church House at 7. 30pm. We have speakers on a wide range of historical topics; these can be seen on the Meetings 2019 page. There are also Meeting Reviews to give an idea of the nature of each meeting.

AbbPast has been involved in various village projects: we have created a Village Trail, celebrated the Diamond Jubilee and written a booklet on the men who fought in The Great War as part of our 'The Roll of Honour Project', which was supported by the HLF's 'World War 1 Then & Now' fund. In 2016 we were awarded a second HLF Grant to produce four booklets in our
Abbotskerswell Village History Series; the details of our history booklets are on the Publications page. In 2018 we created a board telling the village's history

In 2018 we were awarded a third HLF grant which supported a project to create an online photographic archive, which shows both the pictures in our publications and also many not previously included in our booklets. We also added three more booklets in our Abbotskerswell Village History Series, telling the stories of the village in during WW2 and the 1950s, the history of Abbotsleigh Priory and recently People & Places.

We hope you find the website useful and easy to follow.



We have a Committee of three willing volunteers who are happy to be contacted on matters regarding AbbPast or village history in general.

The contact  addresses are:
Pete Wade Telephone 07889005688

Trish Turner Telephone 01626 363131

Nick Nicholson Telephone 01626 330049



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